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We Help People With Cancer

and their loved ones, too!


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Alpena High School - Alpena, MI

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Every Second Counts

I recently viewed a video on Youtube - ”If for a Second.” It was produced by the MIMI Foundation in France and highlighted the JOY of persons coping with cancer as they - just for a second - forgot about their struggles and were lifted to a new sense of being carefree.

If For a Second - we can make a difference in the lives of our friends and families coping with cancer then all of our hard work and all of your support would be worth it.

If For a Second - someone could just lose themselves and be immersed in carefree joy - then prayers would be answered.

If For a Second - we could advance research to start turning the corner in prevention and cure - then we could shout for joy!

If For a Second - we lose sight of our mission that ‘no one would experience cancer alone’ - then we would lose the essence of the promise I made to my daughter.

If For a Second - you, a friend or a family member hears the words, “You have cancer” and you wonder, “Who understands? Who can I talk to? Who can help me?”

For that Second and every minute thereafter, know that Friends Together is here for YOU!

My wish this year is that we continue to make every second count and that you will join us in that wish. ...If only for a second we can bring true joy!

Warm regards.
Judy Burns

If Only For A Second - MIMI Foundation



Friends Together
Our mission is to be the difference in the lives of friends
during and after their cancer experience.

No one in our community should have to experience cancer alone!

rogerFifteen years ago, many of us had to deal with cancer by ourselves. Our community was simply not organized to respond to our friends and neighbors on a regular, every day basis. We’ve come a long way.

Today, Friends Together, a community-based nonprofit organization, and the Alpena Cancer Center work together with other partners to make our community a better place for our friends recovering from cancer. Today, important medical services and complementary care are available right here.

We appreciate the skill and compassion of the doctors, nurses, and staff of our Alpena Cancer Center. We admire the courage of our friends who approach their difficult cancer treatments with courage and a hopeful spirit. Friends Together is here to support all of them through the hard work of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

You can think of Friends Together as offering “the softer side of care”. We are not physicians, researchers, nurses, or social workers; we are friends helping friends touched by cancer.

Together as friends we learn and share. We support and encourage. We understand that excellent cancer care means a holistic approach to healing and wellness touching every aspect of our lives: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. We know that when we ail in one aspect, we can call on the reserves of the other three to help heal.

Together as friends we make a difference. We can make sure that no one in our community has to travel through the cancer experience alone.

Here are a few “facts and numbers” that describe, in part, just what we do at Friends Together. More people learned of and used the programs of Friends Together in the past year than ever before!

Cancer Support Groups

bethOne hundred forty seven individuals attended one or more of our regular cancer support groups, including:

  • Friends Together Alpena
  • Friends Together North (Rogers City)
  • Guys Like Us
  • Caregivers Connect
  • A Touch of Beauty
  • "Breast Friends" Group

Medical Transportation

arrow Twenty–four individuals received free rides to treatment appointments in our van. The van made over 200 round trips to and from the Alpena Cancer Center. These rides are coordinated with the American Cancer Society’s “Road to Recovery” program.

arrow More than fifty individuals received assistance with the costs of medical travel to appointments outside our community.

Community Education and Support

arrow Two hundred fifty cancer survivors and their guests enjoyed the annual “Survivors’ Reception” hosted by Friends Together at this summer’s “Relay For Life” in Alpena County.

arrow Eighty individuals learned how to use acupressure to relieve pain associated with cancer at a workshop presented by Rick Harris, PH.D. of the University of Michigan.

arrow Over seven hundred households received our monthly newsletter offering support, encouragement, resources, and information.

While we are proud of what we have accomplished this year, we are even more proud of our community! We have chosen to support our families, neighbors and friends who must deal with cancer.

We have indeed come a long way in fifteen years! And, until cancer is finally defeated, we must continue to show how much we care.

Friends Together is a non-profit organization located in Alpena, Michigan dedicated to serving people who are living with cancer as well as their families and friends. Contact us if you or someone you know has been touched by cancer or join one of our free cancer support groups.

About Our Logo
Birds perched together on a wire represent the comfort and peace that come from sharing a common experience, a common story. Have you ever noticed how birds will gather together to chirp and chatter, then fly about, only to come back to their safe haven to share and chirp again?
So it is with Friends Together. We provide a safe haven for self-discovery, learning, sharing and support.

Friends Together is an equal opportunity provider and employer.